The legal guardians are required to come with their child at the first visit and are required to bring an id document ( drivers license or passport) , child’s insurance card/s , a credit or debit card and proof of legal guardianship if they are not the parents.


You have to bring your insurance card and ID to every visit. The person you authorized to bring your child in case you are unable to has to also have an ID and your child insurance card and has to be at least 18 years of age.


We truly care for you and your family and would hate to see anything bad happen to you or your child. Our provider have experienced tragic incidents that occurred to children that were unimmunized during his training and practice that could’ve been easily prevented by vaccines. It is incumbent upon us as pediatricians to protect both the individual patient, as well as our patient population as a whole, from contagious disease. We advocate following the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendations for the immunization of children. Unimmunized children are at risk for contracting contagious diseases which can be debilitating and life-threatening. These unimmunized children in our waiting room may expose our patients to serious diseases such as measles, whooping cough and bacterial meningitis. It is our office policy that parents who have concerns about immunizations seek education from our provider. We do not recommend delaying these vaccines. Vaccines required by the state of Florida for daycare/ preschool/ school entry must be started at age 6 months at the latest. If you refuse to vaccinate your children at least with the required vaccines for daycare , school or college AT ANY POINT IN TIME, we will regretfully ask you to seek medical care with another physician whose philosophy meets your needs better.


You are required to notify our staff of any changes in your patient information, such as insurance, benefits, employer, patient name, home address and/or contact numbers. You will be asked to present your current insurance cards at each appointment.


We require all our patients who carry a commercial insurance to have a credit or debit card on file that will be encrypted and stored securely in a remote server. This card will be linked to your account and no one including our staff will be able to access it’s information. This card will be used to pay for any co-pays or coinsurance at time of check in if your insurance requires it , the fee of your visit at check out if you have a high deductible insurance plan and you have not met your deductible and the fee for your visit at check in or check out if you are paying cash and don’t carry insurance. If you have a balance that you owe after we bill your insurance, your credit/debit card will automatically be charged the remaining balance . Please remember that it is your responsibility to pay for any services that your insurance policy won’t cover and it is your responsibility to know what services are covered by your insurance.


We will gladly fill out required forms for your child at his or her well checkup at no charge. However, if you need any forms/ letter completed outside of your scheduled well child appointment, we might require an appointment for your child. If you do not need an appointment there will be a fee for each form. If a type of form presented for completion is not included in this list, we reserve the right to apply a fee that we deem appropriate.

School physical forms, daycare forms , sports physical forms , immunization record forms , wic forms and college physical forms are all free of charge and given at the time of a WELL CHILD visit. If you lose these forms additional copies will be 5 usd per form requested.

Fmla forms and disability forms are 20 usd per form or might need an office visit.


We will not accept any completed adhd forms to be dropped off at our front desk. ADHD evaluations require an office visit before you fill out any adhd forms.


For patients who don’t show up for their appointments and don’t call us to inform us that they are not able to make it, 25 usd will be charged to their credit or debit card.

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