Checklist to visit


Please arrive 30 minutes before your appointment time!


Please make sure before your visit to call your insurance and list Tuka Pediatrics as your pcp!


For the first visit to our office, the legal guardian should accompany the child.


All guardians should bring their driver license or passport to every visit


All guardians who should bring their insurance cards to every visit ( bring all the cards if you have multiple insurance cards)

Thank you for choosing our practice! We want your visit to go smoothly , therefore below are some facts to get you ready for your visit and provide you with some expectations.

For mothers with newborns please call your insurance company to add your baby to your insurance as soon as your baby is born. Medicaid will provide you with a medicaid number for the baby , please provide this number at check in.

All guardians should bring their driver licence or passport to every visit. If you are not the child parent but you are the legal guardian ( ex grandparents , foster parent) you should bring the legal proof of guardianship. Without these we will not be able to see your child. Once your child becomes an established patient you can provide us with the individuals that you authorize to bring your children to their visits in case you are not able to.

All guardians should bring their insurance cards to every visit ( bring all the cards if you have multiple insurance cards) we accept most commercial and medicaid insurance.

All guardians who carry a commercial insurance should bring a debit or credit card. We are excited to be using a credit card merchant service which lets you use your credit card, debit card or health savings account card to provide payments in the office, satisfy any balance you might have after the insurance company has paid their portion AND which allows us to refund promptly any CREDITS due to you! It is secure and PCI certified!

This system allows us to securely store your card number on a remote server in order to satisfy any patient balance OR refund promptly any credits due to your account! Your card information is encrypted therefore it is NOT visible nor is it stored in our office.

Join Our Tuka Family

Thank you for choosing Tuka Pediatrics as your child’s Medical Home! We are pleased to have the opportunity to build a relationship with you, your child, and family.

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