COVID-19 Testing

We are offering the rapid antigen COVID-19 test for our established patient that are 21 years of age and under ! Please read the following instructions to schedule the test:
  • Please do not walk into the clinic for testing! The test requires an appointment for an office visit. Please call our office at 904-222-6364 to schedule your appointment.
  • Please try to limit the visitors to the guardian/parent and the patient.
  • Masks or cloth covering are mandatory for everyone ages 2 and up that will be coming to the office. Children younger than 2 years of age SHOULD NOT wear a mask or covering on the face.
  • We ask you to arrive 20 minutes before your appointment to fill out paperwork.
  • Once you arrive , please stay in your car and call our office. We will then give you paperwork to fill out in your car. Once you are done with the paperwork call us again and our physician will take your medical history. After that is completed we ask you to drive to the back of the building and look for “ DOOR 105” sign on the back entrance door of the building . Wait in the back of the building parking lot and our staff will escort you directly to the room.
  • Once you are in the room the physician will take your child’s vitals and do a quick physical assessment and perform the nasal swab to obtain the specimen. Then your visit will be complete and you will be asked to leave from the same entrance you entered.
  • Your test results will be available the same day.
  • If you need a copy of your test results , you will have to pick it up from our office or register for the patient portal to receive it.

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