COVID-19 Office Policies

In an effort to help stop the spread of covid-19 pandemic and protect our patients, staff and communities , Tuka Pediatrics have implemented the following changes until further notice:

  • All visits for children who are well will be attempted to be scheduled in the morning. The last appointment for a well child visit will be at noon.
  • If your child is sick ( ex. Coughing , fever , shortness of breath , vomiting or diarrhea) you will have to call our office first to determine whether they will need to stay at home,require an office visit , a telemedicine (video chat ) visit , or will need urgent care in the Emergency Room.
  • If an office visit is needed please limit the visitors to one guardian and the sick child.
  • Upon arrival please call our office from the parking lot. We will ask you to fill out any paperwork needed in your car. You can also prefill forms that are available on our website before the visit.

If your child has a fever or is coughing significantly , if available please let your child wear a face mask before entry to the office. Due to a worldwide shortage of face masks , we will not be able to offer one in the office.

  • Upon your arrival you will be escorted with your child from the entrance of the office to the exam room. We are trying to limit the time patients spend in the waiting room to decrease any possible exposure.
  • Remember we can always schedule a telemedicine visit (video consultation) if we are fully booked and your child needs care.
  • We follow all CDC guidelines and measures to prevent the spread of this virus and follow any updates that are published.

Thank you for your patience and understanding of the seriousness of this situation.

Remember that we all have to play a part in fighting this pandemic. Take precautions and be safe! For updates on the COVID-19 pandemic and to learn how to protect ourselves please visit

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